G84 Triac problem

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G84 Triac problem

Post by Blasterbates » Thu 13 Dec , 2012 14:56 pm

Hi there
i am tapping on my Triac (G84) when the tap reaches the bottom of the hole and dwells, the spindle starts in reverse and turns before feeding back up, thus stripping the thread that has previously been formed ? any ideas please.

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Re: G84 Triac problem

Post by rasp » Thu 13 Dec , 2012 17:49 pm

If you are NOT using a compression/tension type tap holder you are going to have to invest in one. I use a PCM type ET1 ER32 collet 12mm bore and make sleeves to suite the taps. Part number 32120 you can find them on eBay cheep if you use the odd ball sizes I got an 11.2 dia one for £6.00

http://www.pcmtooling.co.uk/ercatalogue.pdf (Page 54)


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Re: G84 Triac problem

Post by Denford Admin » Fri 14 Dec , 2012 17:10 pm

I agree - even the best CNC machine setup will struggle to tap rigidly - there will always be variations in spindle fwd-stop-reverse times and Z axes acceleration/deceleration times

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