Orac spindle drive problem

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Re: Orac spindle drive problem

Post by MAX THE MILLER » Fri 20 Nov , 2015 13:12 pm


I've sent you a Private Message (PM).

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Re: Orac spindle drive problem - resolution?

Post by Ridgeback » Tue 15 Nov , 2016 20:42 pm

Hi All,

I must apologise for not coming back to this post and completing the task I began. I too find it quite frustrating when I read into a possible solution to a problem only to find that you get hung out to dry with no final solution to that problem. I hope to give a more in depth reply at a later date, but for those who are after an instant and concise reply, it all turned out to basically be a failure of the V.F.D. (variable frequency drive) along with a few other smaller issues. I hope this might help point you in a direction which might move your project on in a positive way.


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