Help ! Novaturn

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Help ! Novaturn

Post by Rich » Wed 09 May , 2007 19:16 pm

While moving a novaturn lathe in the machine shop I managed to catch the emg stop button on another machine and its come off!! IT dose'nt appear broken it seems to have come unclipped .I think it can be fixed I just can't see how you get to the assembly inside the machine casing to repair it? Very thankful for any help/advice.
Thanks. :oops:

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try these manual

Post by nickyjones2 » Thu 10 May , 2007 4:04 am

I've just uploaded a DOS turning manual here:

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Post by bradders » Thu 10 May , 2007 10:07 am

On the inside of the Novaturn on the right hand side should be white plastic trunking. Removing the trunking lid should expose the rear of the E Stop button. If its an older E stop button then there will be a plastic nut that screws onto the rear of the E Stop button to clamp it to the sheet metal. Also on the rear of the E Stop button will be 2 removable contact blocks, ensure these are securely in place and the wires have not become detached

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