Releasing Tool With No Compressed Air

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Releasing Tool With No Compressed Air

Post by james.miller » Mon 18 Dec , 2017 16:46 pm

Hi Guys,

I want to get a silent air compressor to run the tool changer on my Novamill. However they are rather expensive and I can't afford one just before Christmas.
I've been changing the tool in the ER16 holder that is in the machine and not removing the tool holder. It's becoming a pain having to set the tools each time.

Is there a easyish way of unlocking the toolholder from the machine without an air compressor?

I'm presuming it wont harm my machine without a air compressor. It's only used to change tools isn't it?


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Re: Releasing Tool With No Compressed Air

Post by TDIPower » Tue 19 Dec , 2017 0:27 am

have you considered using the compressor from a fridge or freezer in place of a normal compressor motor. A friend used to run a small sandblasting operation, he would charge up gas bottles over night with old fridge compressors on economy 7 elecy. I wouldn't advice doing it if you are not competent with electrics and compressed gasses (just covering myself there).

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Re: Releasing Tool With No Compressed Air

Post by Steve » Sun 24 Dec , 2017 16:42 pm

Hi. The compressed air is only for toolchanging. If you don’t want to use that most nova mills were fitted with the easy change Toolholders. This limits the travel available but does let you set tool offsets.

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Re: Releasing Tool With No Compressed Air

Post by bpmsl » Fri 26 Jan , 2018 1:06 am

Hi James,
If you are interested in knowing how the power draw-bar works check out my draw-bar upgrade video. You could loosen of the nut at the top of the spring stack and that would release your tool, however beware of loosing the collett balls! If you were really stuck you could replace it with a fixed draw-bar but that'd be tantamount to insanity in my opinion.

Personaly I'd just bite the bullet and stump up the money for a silent compressor, I got mine on ebay for less than £100. You don't need much airflow so a small one will do.

You could downgrade to an easy-change, but that'd cost more than your compressor to buy and you'd loose a load of tool clearance.

I've also been working on a reverse engineered carousel so have a good idea of the tool change logic.

If you don't disable the tool-changer in the configuration settings, I suspect that the air pressure sensor wont let you run the machine through a tool change without air available.

Just my 2p hope that helps.

Barry M
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