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Will you donate towards getting manuals scanned in ?

Posted: Wed 27 Jun , 2007 9:47 am
by Denford Admin
Getting all the manuals scanned in or even photographed is so time consuming and no real benefit to us either.

I wondered if a fund to go towards a document scanner, or maybe just some drinks at christmas would help motivate us

Your thoughts please...

Posted: Wed 27 Jun , 2007 11:58 am
by Triac whizz
Do you take euros :lol:

seriously, I'd be more interested if drawings were made available.

I have manuals for mine so it's not really a problem. (must learn to read them ;))

Most of this old stuff now gets upgraded so the sections on PNC control arn't much use so perhaps concetrate on the mechanical side, oils adjustment etc..

How about doing it as a pasword protected area - don't pay you can't view docs.

It's got to be a tenner at least as there's blokes on ebay selling copies of your manuals for that price

What was the number you were thinking of?

Posted: Wed 27 Jun , 2007 12:06 pm
by Denford Admin
That guy on ebay charging 9.99 was who I had in mind when thinking about this - think he is selling photocopies as well for that.

We have discussed a private section before, but its hard to know how far to take it - what should be free (software downloads? single drawings?), what should be paid for (old manuals ? full set of drawings for a machine ?)
Plus it means more admin for me :(

I wouldn't like to have someone part with their hard-earned just for me or bradders to do a couple of photos of drawings, on the other hand I can't be bothered to do a whole manual just in case there are a couple of useful pages in it.

Perhaps google adverts are the way to go ?

Re: Will you donate towards getting manuals scanned in ?

Posted: Tue 09 Feb , 2016 0:57 am
by Ridgeback
Hi Guys,

I can see you have quite a dilemma on your hands regarding charging for all, part or any other configuration of printed matter. I know what I am about to suggest is based purely on trusting your membership, but possibly a solution to this and other docs?

I understand, probably like many others, just how difficult this is, as I am in a fix regarding one of the manuals you have on this site. I refer to the Brown Pestell, Service Handbook, Ac Motor Controllers, Type VF 075/055, VF 075/075, which has ONLY the EVEN pages published. This makes it rather difficult to follow the instruction information when the next page is missing. Is there any chance of this being updated in the near future? I am happy to photograph and upload the relevant pages back to you, at no cost, if you were to forward to me the original document. This original document would be returned to you on completion of the up load.


Re: Will you donate towards getting manuals scanned in ?

Posted: Tue 09 Feb , 2016 11:12 am
by Martin
The issue is locating a copy of the Brown Pestell manual to scan.