The Denford archives....

If you've had enough of reading, then look at these pictures of the "good" old days. Machine brochures, magazines etc..

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Andy B
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The Denford archives....

Post by Andy B » Fri 25 May , 2007 9:42 am

I spent a day delving through the old drawings and dusty corners at Denford yesterday - many thanks to the Directors for allowing me to do so, and to Andy ('Denford Admin') for making the arrangements.

The good news - it looks as though most drawings for the older manual machines are still there, including the 5" TDS Metal Lathe (1965-6).
I also managed to find 3 volumes of parts lists covering lathes, the Sharpedge, Drill Sharpener and more.
The not so good news - it can be quite hard to determine where to find a particular drawing as they have got a bit mixed up over the years; once a machine/part was superceded the drawings seem to have been put into separate drawers for 'obsolete'.
So, for example, I could find the assembly and some detail parts for a fixed steady, but not the main casting.
No doubt the 'old hands' knew exactly where to look!

And for that final bit of nostalgia, we all got a dose of ammonia up our nostrils after firing up the old dyeline copier which had been dormant for the past 3 years at least.

I will hopefully make a return visit later this year to have a bit of a sort out and see if I can find the bits I didn't get this time.


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Mr Magoo
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Post by Mr Magoo » Sat 02 Jun , 2007 9:50 am

I rememeber getting the 'new' ammonia copier. The one before that took up half the back room!

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