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by tomf
Mon 10 Apr , 2017 21:44 pm
Forum: Triac
Topic: Triac Drawing Request
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Triac Drawing Request


I was hoping it would be possible to get some drawings for the triac ... I have some missing parts on mine. Apologies if these are already on the site but I couldn't find them via search or google.

I'm looking for the following drawings:


by tomf
Thu 19 Nov , 2015 20:23 pm
Forum: Denford Classifieds
Topic: Denford Cyclone
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Denford Cyclone

Hi, Thinking of selling my Denford Cyclone Lathe. It is an early 90's model with Fanuc OTA control. Overall the lathe is in very good condition. I have recently checked and adjusted both axis for play. The machine has a 2.2Kw spindle motor (maximum speed 5000rpm) Servo drives, flood coolant and an 8...
by tomf
Thu 13 Aug , 2015 18:41 pm
Forum: Cyclone
Topic: Cyclone OTA - Electrical Drawings
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Cyclone OTA - Electrical Drawings

Hi, I was hoping it would be possible for someone to point me in the direction of drawings and parameters for a Cyclone which I have recently taken delivery of. It is a September 1996 machine and the serial number on the side is: 60703B/2. It the FANUC OT-A control system with SEM motors and NORWIN ...
by tomf
Sun 24 May , 2015 23:25 pm
Forum: Denford Classifieds
Topic: Free Triac Stand / Enclosure
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Free Triac Stand / Enclosure

Hello all, I have a triac 200 stand / enclosure which I no longer require. It has the computer monitor on the side and the tutor keyboard. It has the pneumatic door too. Large electrical enclosure on the back is also included. Everything else has been removed. The coolant collection tank isn't inclu...
by tomf
Sun 28 Sep , 2014 22:35 pm
Forum: Triac
Topic: Newly Acquired Triac 200 Help
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Newly Acquired Triac 200 Help

Hi All, I have recently acquired a Triac 200, however it is not in working condition. I believe in the past it has been running well on the Denford software, however I am inclined to convert the machine to Mach 3 The machine is 3 phase, however looking at the schematics that are available, it looks ...