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by MFaulks
Mon 28 Jul , 2008 22:23 pm
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Topic: My Pre TDS1 ?? starting my overhaul
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My Pre TDS1 ?? starting my overhaul

Hi all, This site has really been an inspiration in many ways. I closely read all the TDS1 threads and Dazz’s material is really exemplary from my view, sets an incredible standard for me to try and achieve... I bought my lathe in 2007 from a machinery dealer, and prior to this I had very little exp...
by MFaulks
Mon 28 Jul , 2008 21:43 pm
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Topic: Magoos reading material ?
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This really brought a smile... it takes me back... my late father loved AP magazine, and the annual specials were a must, as I remember it there were very few pictures of flower pots!

Thanks for the smile and triggering fond memories :wink: